cyber risks

What is cyber risk?

Privacy violation, data theft, the use of encryption trojans - companies face a growing threat of so-called cyber risks. For the first time, cyber risk was ranked #1 of all company risks in 2017’s Allianz Risk Barometer.

The risks resulting from data processing are by no means limited to retail or service companies with on-line shops or social media appearances. Thanks to industry 4.0, production plants are being controlled via the network and thus a potential target for attackers. However most attacks are not launched from outside as 2/3 of all attacks are deliberately staged from within.

Safeguarding cyber risks correctly

An unequal battle – even for fast movers

No matter how professionally your IT is deployed or your network is secured: the race between attackers and defenders is rarely balanced. Due to ever increasing complex programming and rapid release intervals, critical vulnerability is often only discovered after an attack has been performed. Bugs or network vulnerabilities are rarely the gateway for any cyber-attack but rather organizational deficits. Frequently, employees have access rights for numerous corporate areas and data which are no longer attached with their current position. Proactive user and access management are key to protecting your business-related information.

Prior to signing cyber risk insurance any insurer usually asks for proof of existence of technical and organizational measures to protect your data. Therefore hedging IT risks will require demonstration of profound understanding of the same.

From security checkup to a supplementary cyber risk policy

A comprehensive comparison of available IT insurance products is available from any insurance broker. SHL Gruppe goes the extra mile: Within our group and collaboration partners we provide the expertise, to professionally advise your IT Department "on eye level" as well as the management on strictly necessary and wider-reaching technical and organizational security mechanisms. We are increasing awareness by taking account of technical and economic aspects on prerequisites for avoiding, repelling or recovering from cyber-attacks.  Based on your requirements we will tailor the coverage to meet your individual risk appetite as well as economic preferences and negotiate final terms with the corresponding risk carriers.

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