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It is easy to apply online for a rent deposit from Deutscher Mietkautionsbund e.V.  You provide your landlord with a guarantee, which means that you conserve your liquidity.

Our cooperation with Deutscher Mietkautionsbund e.V.

Deutscher Mietkautionsbund e.V. is a cost-effective online provider of private rent deposits for individuals in Germany. The association’s activity is focused on providing the greatest possible benefit to its members and support in obtaining guarantees. In addition, members receive assistance in settling claims, as well as topical and important information covering everything to do with renting. Special conditions are also available in the commercial domain for rent guarantees based on framework agreements, which can benefit companies and the self-employed.Deutscher Mietkautionsbund e.V. is an association offering private and commercial tenants rent deposit guarantees for the purpose of securing non-cash rent deposits.We can assist by creating financial headroom. We offer a simple and cost-effective rent deposit solution which avoids the need for private and commercial tenants to deposit large sums of cash which would be better invested elsewhere. Fostering trust in our work and in our members – this is what we do day in day out.

Private rent deposit

Members of the association can apply for a cost-effective rent guarantee solution quickly and easily online, which means they create more financial headroom for themselves through the cashless securing of the rent deposit. Particularly when moving, the financial burden of tenants is generally high enough anyway, so using this solution can avoid using even more cash for a rent deposit. The credit rating, which is run when an application is made, and the member certificate are also designed to confer additional advantages on members when they are looking for accommodation. Members can derive additional benefit from free, topical information on renting, rent deposits and rent guarantees.

Commercial rent deposit

Deutscher Mietkautionsbund e.V.’s core competence meanwhile lies in preparing customised concept solutions from rent guarantees and other kinds of guarantees for companies and franchise systems. Particularly when establishing new companies, expanding franchise partner models or relocating to new offices, every cent needs to be wisely invested. Obtaining a commercial rent guarantee from Deutscher Mietkautionsbund does not burden the direct liquidity of a company or its credit line. Individual solutions based on a surety bond insurance agreement can also take account of other guarantees alongside the rent guarantee, such as contract performance guarantees or guarantees for the supply of goods or services. SHL Versicherungsmakler GmbH operates as a cooperation partner in an advisory and brokerage role on behalf of Deutscher Mietkautionsbund e.V.

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