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Based on an individual analysis, we will propose a solution which is tailored to the individual requirements of your company.
Professional liquidity management is a decisive factor in reducing insolvency risks. The risk of a company’s insolvency is often closely connected with one customer or one contractor.

Due in particular to the growing dependency between supplier and customer, companies increasingly request collateral in the form of securities or deposits. Added to this are long-term guarantee obligations which require customers to request additional guarantees to secure guarantee obligations – ultimately, it is difficult to predict how the business of a service provider or supplier will perform a few years down the line.

As a specialist in credit and surety bonds insurance, we offer you and your customers an extensive portfolio of guarantees spanning sectors, namely prestigious credit and surety bond insurance companies which offer a commercially viable alternative to bank guarantees.

Taking the pressure off your credit facility
Bank guarantees often burden your credit facility and place constraints on your ability to invest, or require the furnishing of additional collateral in advance.

The collateral that you apply for via our surety bond portal at can be provided by one or several insurers issuing sureties in order to reduce the necessity of collateral, also in respect of large sums.

By the way: When a rent guarantee is required, please also bear our cooperation with Deutscher Mietkautionsbund e.V. in mind!

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