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Focusing on one’s strengths is the key to success. Our strengths: analysing your risks and bottlenecks and safeguarding against them!

Franchise Companies

Protecting our shared brand is your most important task. We will support you whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee.

Cutting-edge through innovation

Our understanding of ourselves as insurance brokers, the image of our profession and the associated products and services are described below. These products and services are a matter of course for us as a member of the Verband Deutscher Versicherungsmakler e.V. (VDVM).

Our aspiration, however, goes much further:

We view ourselves fundamentally as consultants as well, particularly in areas where we can create value added for you, for instance with:

- securing flows of goods through guarantees and/or deposits

- managing your insurance portfolio

- managing insurances or guarantees which you provide for your customers.

Any overlapping and value added are identified through a process of analysing your business model and your operational processes together with you. We frequently come across problems that are not catered for by the products and services on offer at the time. Finding new solutions customised to suit your company and which may – in the best scenario – even deliver a competitive advantage as well is our challenge.

In such cases, we will generally give you an assurance of exclusivity, meaning that we will not work together with any of your competitors – mutual trust is an asset of the highest value here.

With our quality management system, certified since 2011 to DIN ISO 9001:2008 standard by TÜV Rheinland AG (German technical Inspectorate) in cooperation with VEMA Versicherungs-Makler-Genossenschaft e.V., we have also committed to delivering the highest quality standards to the benefit of our customers.


What does an insurance broker do?
Insurance brokers do not “sell” insurances. Instead they operate as legal entities which are independent from insurance companies Their mandate is to secure the necessary insurance coverage which is appropriate for their customers where the terms and conditions are best suited to the individual risk profile.

Risk analysis and risk optimisation and assessment of insurance requirements
Conducting a risk analysis forms the basis of any cooperation with an insurance broker. Factoring in the individual area of activity and the customer’s individual risk tolerance, a decision is taken on the existing insurance coverage– in terms of whether it is adequate – and on the scope of any necessary adjustments. In some cases, an optimized risk management renders insurance coverage redundant. The purpose of analysis should be to ascertain that you are neither over- or under-insured.

Structuring insurance contracts
Wherever necessary and possible, we aim to influence the content of insurance contracts in the interest of our customers. Agreeing conditions commensurate with the risk and in line with the market is part and parcel of being a broker.

Consulting documentation
All insurance brokers are required by law to document the content of consultancy activities in the written form. Both the content and the result must be transparent and understandable for third parties as well.

The insurance broker can select an insurance company that suits the risk to be covered from all companies subject to supervision by BAFin, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. The criteria applied to the selection of the insurance company essentially comprise price/benefit, the quality of handling claims and fulfilling the contract, financial security, and naturally the availability of the product required.
An insurance broker is not tied to an insurance company from a legal or
commercial standpoint.

Support and management
The task of the insurance broker does not end when a contract is signed. Ongoing support and adjusting the insurance portfolio, if necessary, are part of the services that an insurance broker provides as a matter of course. Customers are therefore relieved of the significant burden incurred by time-consuming administration in this area.

Claims support
In the event of a claim, the insurance broker represents the interests of the customer and conducts negotiations on behalf of the customer to settle the claim with the insurance company right through to payment of compensation, provided that there is insurance coverage.

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