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Successful franchising

Successful franchising entails protecting and strengthening the brand we share.
In doing so, identifying systemic risks is the task of the licensor, along with offering franchisees a security concept which covers these joint risks. With this in mind, we develop customised insurance concepts for franchise systems, as well as operating as an interface between franchisor, franchisee and risk carrier. Rather than simply negotiating the best insurance premiums, our job as we see it is to critically screen all intra-system risk management processes as well as to identify and implement options for optimisation.

From start-up financing right through to multi-store ownership
We offer professional advice to franchisees in issues concerning risk and liquidity management, irrespective of whether you are a company founder or a franchise expert. Our concepts are comprehensive and easy to understand, which gives you the freedom to concentrate on your core business and expand your own business locations. We consider it part of our mandate to keep the effort involved in the managing insurance matters to the greatest possible minimum for franchisor and franchisee.  We achieve this aspiration through tailored insurance coverage concepts and customised IT portals which enable uncomplicated contract management and claims handling.

Our concepts -
made exlusively for you

We meanwhile manage some of the most successful franchise systems in Germany operating in, for instance, the home construction, fitness, food and lifestyle industries. As a supporting member of the Deutscher Franchiseverband e.V., we have access to an outstanding network and know the commercial risks involved in franchising.

Loyalty enjoys the highest priority with us:

If we decide on a cooperation, we will then fundamentally refrain from providing support for any other competitor system in the same market segment. This exclusivity confers competitive advantage on you compared with your peer competitors. At the same time we firmly believe that, together, we are creating mutual trust for a long-term successful cooperation, with the aim of growing together!

For some of the most successful franchise systems we develop customized insurance concepts, which foster growth and expansion for franchisors as well as for franchisees.

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