Quality is on­ top of our list


Which is why our quality­ management is TÜV tested and approved

As part of the certification process, we are committed to our aspiration of delivering especially high quality standards and of maintaining and improving them on an ongoing basis. We achieve this through the continuous professional development for our employees, fostering a culture of open feedback and communication within the company, and through certified, standardised processes. Our approach also includes an ongoing review of the products of our service providers and insurance partners, as well as analysing customer satisfaction. After all, our success hinges on creating sustainable value added for our customers. Our quality principles therefore form the basis of our activity, along with our corporate mission.

Our quality principles

1. Customer orientation
We want satisfied customers. Our services must cater to the requirements and justified expectations of our customers, as well as complying with legal and official requirements. In our conduct towards our customers, we are bound to the obligation of discretion, honesty and fidelity.

2. Product quality
We place great emphasis on high quality when selecting the insurance products we recommend and offer. The criteria we apply include the above-average scope provided by the insurance product as well as customer-oriented insurance companies in sound financial condition. We monitor the quality of the products offered by the insurance companies on an ongoing basis, and adjust them in line with our recommendations.

3. Corporate governance
Management develops and communicates clear visions of the company’s future translated into measurable, entrepreneurial goals. The employees are involved in realising these goals. How well a company’s purpose, strategic direction and internal environment harmonize is a question of leadership. Our managers create an environment in which individuals can develop their capabilities and deploy them for the benefit of the whole.

4. Involving our employees
We want satisfied employees who breathe life into processes which deliver excellent results and performance for our customers. All our employees are involved in quality management and actively work on improvements. In selecting our employees we place particular importance on their qualifications and on a customer-oriented approach to work. To ensure that our employees are empowered to deliver quality to a permanently high standard, they regularly take part in vocational and personal continuous professional development.

5. Process-oriented approach
Our aim is to steadily improve the effectiveness of our management system, our products and services, our processes, occupational safety and, above all, the insurance cover of our customers. We aspire to delivering our service in a controlled way, meaning that our processes must always comply with quality and occupational safety requirements. Each and every one of us is committed to these goals.

6. System-oriented management approach
As insurance brokers, we are subject to a wide range of different internal and external influences which can impact our company and our decisions. We systematically analyse and document these influences with a view to channelling them positively towards achieving our goals.

7. Continuous improvement
Our aim is to steadily improve the effectiveness of our management system, our products and services, our processes, occupational safety and, above all, the insurance cover of our customers. As part of this dynamic process, results are regularly analysed several times a year and the findings used as a basis for agreeing new goals. We are creative and target-oriented in realising these goals. The process of continuous improvement is an integral part of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

8. Objective approach to arriving at decisions
Effective decisions are based on analysing data and information. We do not, therefore, arrive at decisions intuitively. Instead we rely on facts which are substantiated by sourcing statistical analyses and data, along with our experience. The key data which we derive regularly and systematically from this approach are an important instrument in our entrepreneurial decisions.

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