Focus on bottlenecks

Insurance as a product is substitutable. Identifying your operational bottlenecks and finding solutions is far more important. This is one of our strengths.

We want to know who is­ on the receiving end of our advice

Thanks to greater market transparency and more stringent documentation requirements, insurance brokers today are differentiated less frequently in terms of quality or the price of products offered than a few years ago.
As a customer today you are right to expect more than just contract brokerage and the professional handling of claims.
From our standpoint, the most important part is understanding your business model in detail, which includes your products and services with their inherent promise of value, along with the requirements and concerns of your customers.

We will work together with you to develop an overall concept which will secure against your operating risks and encompass your administrative and other considerations as well. As far as possible, value added for your customers will be integrated into the concept.
The way we work is based on Professor Wolfgang Mewes’ Concentrated Systems Strategy. One of the primary aims derived from this strategy consists in our aspiration of achieving maximum benefit for our customers and their end customers. Incorporating innovations into product and services regularly prove to be key success factors in the process.

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